Green Saturn Carbon Fiber Ring

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Love the Aurora Design but want it to have the brightest possible glow possible? Upgrade to a Saturn Version of the Aurora Carbon Fiber Ring Design. We add a super bright, in house made, lume liner to the inside of the ring. It boosts the overall brightness of the ring by illuminating outwards on your finger as well as boosts the stripe brightness on the exterior of the ring as well. 

The $115 price is for Kickstarter backers only. Normally the additional liner costs $100 but if you upgrade your order to a Saturn Ring, you save $50 or 50% on the liner upgrade. You can buy this independently or put your Kickstarter Code towards reducing the price on your saturn. So if you backed for one Aurora Carbon Fiber Ring at $65. You can use that code to reduce the $115 price tag to only $50 for the upgrade.