We realize there will be a lot of questions so we wanted to put together a list of potential answers.

  • How does it glow? It glows by first charging it. There are multiple ways of charging a ring. Sunlight or a uv light also known as a black light is the best and easiest way to charge. Most colors charge by a bright lamp, cell phone led, car headlights, really just about anything that emits a lot of light. The only exception is purple. Purple has to be charged by sunlight or uv light only.
  • Which colors glow brightest? The brightness in order of brightest to least brightest are Green, Aqua, White, Blue, Purple, Fire (red).
  • Why is it so lightweight? I get questions about this all the time. Carbon fiber is the strongest and lightest weight material in the world. The ring weighs hardly anything but it is rock solid.
  • Allergies. Carbon fiber is hypoallergenic. It does not cause allergies and most people that have metal allergies and can’t wear normal jewelry, can wear a carbon fiber ring.